Hometown Revolution 

Rhode Islanders are revolutionizing their economy, working hand in hand with Revolution Wind to expand the state’s offshore wind industry. We’re creating union jobs and apprenticeships, improving port infrastructure and supply chains, and protecting native species and ecosystems across the state.

Are you ready to join the hometown revolution? 

Creating jobs opportunities for all Rhode Islanders

The offshore wind revolution is putting Rhode Islanders front and center, bringing family-sustaining, union jobs and training opportunities to the Ocean State. We are proud to be the trusted partner helping Rhode Islanders build and boost their careers in the fast-growing clean energy industry.
Blacksmith workers

How are we creating jobs and training opportunities? 

  • Our offshore wind farms are built by American union labor. We set the bar for working conditions and equity, creating apprenticeships and career opportunities for the communities most impacted by climate change. This enables us to build projects with the best-trained workers in America.

  • We work directly with local suppliers, including Blount Boats, Senesco Marine, and Dimeo Construction, among others. This means that the jobs we create and the investments we make stay in Rhode Island.
  • We’ve already invested $4.5 million in training programs, workforce development, and supply chain expansion in Rhode Island.

Strengthening Rhode Island’s economy and supply chain

Rhode Island is jumpstarting its blue and green economy, laying the groundwork for growing businesses. Ørsted is helping develop local supply chains and reinforcing Rhode Island’s status as a leader in offshore wind. Our investments put Rhode Island at the forefront of innovation, making it the port of entry for New England’s clean energy and a sustainable business hub.
Rhode Island city

What kind of economic development is underway? 

  • Ørsted is bringing real investment to the Ocean State. Our co-headquarters in Providence is home to over 50 employees and counting.
  • Our U.S. Innovation Hub is based in the Providence CIC, which provides key resources for innovation. Our teams can develop next-generation technologies for advancing offshore wind, while leveraging Rhode Island’s extensive innovation ecosystem.
  • Our ProvPort construction hub is powered by local workers who build components for wind turbine foundations.
  • Our newly opened logistics hub at Quonset is bustling with activity, as workers prepare for the offshore commissioning of our next offshore wind farm.
  • Crew transfer vessels, which will provide transportation to and from our wind farms, are being constructed by Blount Boats in Warren and Senesco Marine in North Kingstown.

Taking a responsible approach to climate action

Rhode Island is committed to using 100% renewable energy by 2033 – and we’ve already started meeting that goal. As advocates of clean energy and sustainable development, we are here to support Rhode Island’s climate targets and help protect its environment. From rocky coasts to dense forests, our goal is to clean and enhance the landscape all Rhode Islanders call home.
Rhode Island bird view

What steps are we taking to boost climate action? 

  • Ørsted is a trustworthy partner in climate action, having undergone a complete green transformation. 
  • Ørsted is targeting a net-positive biodiversity impact on all renewable energy projects commissioned from 2030 on

A reliable partner in delivering clean energy

Energy is more than the power behind Rhode Island homes and businesses – it is a promise of security and reliability. As a trusted local partner in renewable energy, we uphold that promise, expertly managing our offshore wind farms from end to end. We deliver our projects on time and on budget, to ensure maximal operational time for our wind farms.

We’ve done it before – and we’ll do it again.