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Together, Ørsted and Eversource will deliver clean, reliable energy to the Northeast through offshore wind.

In December 2016, Ørsted and Eversource teamed up to launch a new clean energy industry right here in the U.S. Northeast. That partnership has now grown to include at least 4,000 MW of offshore wind, including the now awarded Revolution Wind, South Fork Wind, and Sunrise Wind projects.

Addressing the realities of climate change requires strong leadership with a proven track record. With our partnership we bring unparalleled experience as Ørsted, the global leader in offshore wind, and Eversource, a national energy leader with homegrown expertise in regional energy transmission, including more than 100 years of experience delivering power to the region. Ørsted, which has been ranked the most sustainable energy developer in the world, envisions a world run entirely on green energy. Eversource is one of the nation’s most responsible companies, as ranked by Newsweek, Forbes and JUST Capital and has committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030, faster than any other utility in the U.S.

The ocean has always been a part of life in the communities of the Northeast. By using the latest offshore wind technology to harness the force of the ocean, we now enable the wind to bring clean energy to a dynamic and innovative region. We are ready to lead the way to a more prosperous and sustainable clean energy future.


The global leader in offshore wind
We are taking real action to create a world that runs entirely on green energy. In the U.S., our offshore wind projects will not only deliver clean, reliable energy but bring huge opportunities for local economic growth and job creation.


New England’s largest energy delivery company
We are a catalyst for a clean energy future in the Northeast, innovating solutions for the customers and communities we serve. We are empowering the region to meet its carbon emission reduction goals for a better tomorrow.

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